About me

Hey there from the quirky, Labrador-filled world of Waterford, Connecticut! I’m Kristy Collins, utterly head-over-heels for my Labrador Retrievers. My life is a whirlwind of fun with my supportive husband, our three energetic soccer-playing kids, and a bunch of unique pocket pets, including a sassy chinchilla, a curious hedgehog, a playful ferret, and a sun-loving bearded dragon.

But the real stars are my two adorable Labs, Max and Daisy.

Our little corner in Waterford is a paradise for us and especially for Max and Daisy. We have a huge backyard where they love to play fetch and dig to their hearts’ content. When we’re not chilling at home, you’ll find us at the local dog park where Max and Daisy are practically celebrities, or at the nearby sandy beach, where they can’t get enough of splashing around in the waves.

Our family’s favorite pastime? That’s got to be our weekend camping trips. Picture this: a campfire, marshmallows, and our Labs cuddled up with us under the stars. And let’s not forget our epic backyard barbecues where Max and Daisy are always the life of the party, hoping for a dropped burger or two.

In my blog, I share every bit of this chaotic, joyful life. You’ll get a mix of hilarious Labrador antics, heartwarming rescue stories, and practical tips on keeping your Labs healthy and happy. I’ll also throw in some cool DIY pet projects and the latest in doggy fashion trends (because Max and Daisy are trendsetters, obviously).

So come along for the ride in this crazy, lovely world of ours. Whether you’re a seasoned Lab owner or just dreaming of getting one, I’m here to share, laugh, and maybe even learn a thing or two together.

Can’t wait to hear from all of you fellow Lab lovers out there. Remember, life’s a journey best traveled with a Lab (or two) by your side!

Stay pawsome,