About me

“You should not look Labradors in the eyes.

Once you look, their look will remain in your heart forever.”

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It was this phrase that I understood when I got another Labrador at home. As soon as I see this dog, I immediately want this pet to be mine. Labrador is a good-natured dog, in which everything is harmonious and interconnected – appearance, health, and psyche.

You may need help understanding what I’m talking about, so let’s get to know each other first. My name is Ronald Johnson. Since childhood, Labradors have always lived in my house. Now I already have 2 Labradors, but soon their number will increase. I love these animals very much. Therefore, I created the blog lucky-labrador.com, in which I will share my experience on how to care for Labradors so that there are more happy animals and people in the world.

I am absolutely sure that the Labrador is an ideal companion, a pet, a nanny for a child, a guide for the blind, a therapy dog, and a rescue dog. Its advantages can be listed for a very long time, but only those people who own Labradors will truly understand them!

Loyalty and kindness make the Labrador an ideal family dog. If you still doubt whether to take this pet into your home, then I hope your doubts will be dispelled after reading the blog. After all, I sincerely believe that every self-respecting person should have a Labrador

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Lucky labrador